Position Papers

The following position papers have been accepted for presentation at the workshop:

  1. Barry Brown. Co-present interaction: On analysis & design.
  2. Pradthana Jarusriboonchai and Thomas Olson. Reconsidering the Role of Technology in Mediating Collocated Interaction.
  3. David A. Robb, Thomas S. Methven, Stefano Padilla, and Mike J. Chantler. Collocated Interaction: Supported Networking for Collaboration.
  4. Matti Nelimarkka, Antti Salovaara, Kai Kuikkaniemi, and Giulio Jacuzzi. Collocated Interaction as a Public Sphere.
  5. Eileen Scanlon, Karen Littleton, and Tim O’Shea. Collocated interactions in technology enhanced learning: mobility, personal inquiry and orchestration.
  6. Anthony Carton. Collocated Interaction in Space.
  7. Rui Pan, Carman Neustaedter, and Thecia Schiphorst. How Collocated Couples Play in Real-life Escape Rooms.
  8. Katherine Isbister. Playful Collocated Interaction Technologies.
  9. Florian Perteneder and Michael Haller. Lessons Learned on Integrating Mobile Devices into Digital Environments.
  10. Maria Vayanou, Vivi Katifori, Aggeliki Antoniou, and Angeliki Chrysanthi. Collocated Interaction in Cultural Storytelling Experiences: How to Coordinate Visitor Actions?.
  11. Fannie Liu, Geoff Kaufman, and Laura Dabbish. Design Considerations for Expressive Biofeedback in Social Interactions.

We ask that participants read all accepted submissions ahead of the workshop to help ground the discussion.